Chameleon Headend Platform

Encoder and Broadcast Solution


Chameleon Headend Platform

Encoder and Broadcast Solution

  • One hardware for all applications
  • Flexibility through software applications
  • Scalability in function and installation size
  • Excellent performance, suitable for large network operator
  • Receive: DVB-S/S2/S2X/T/T2/ISDB-T, 8VSB, QAM, SRT, ASI and/or IP
  • Output: analog, DVB-T, DTMB, FM, SDI, QAM, ASI, SRT and/or IP
  • Encode HDMI, HD/SD-SDI and A/V inputs to IP digital outputs
  • Decode MPEG 2/4 SD or HD into SDI

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Receive and Transmit Multiple Formats Simultaneously

Software based channel processing

The integrated components can adapt their function depending on requirements. They are designed for all current and future applications. Suited for the transition from the analogue to the digital world as well as the connection between HFC- and IP distribution platforms.

Connect Various Video Services

Experience an ideal solution for smaller networks & low-density applications to connect between analog to digital or RF to IP environments. 

Utilize a Modular Solution

Enable versatility by mixing and matching modules for different applications within 1RU


Carrier-Grade Video Encoding

Universal Headend for any Application

The headend system Chameleon provides the user with universal applications. The Chameleon modules are fully flexible configurable via software. This concept is unprecedented in the international market. Among the Chameleon software components are: DVB receivers for different signal paths, transmodulators, Edge QAM, MPEG-4 decoder, IP and ASI streamer and remultiplexer.

Connect Directly with Broadcaster Sites

Receive streams from broadcaster sites via GigE or ASI, with optional RTP + FEC. Output as Analog, SDI, QAM, ASI, SRT and/or IP. Encode HDMI, HD/SD-SDI and A/V inputs to IP digital outputs

Stream Local Content

Engage with the community by streaming local content programming using HDMI, HD-SDI or A/V video sources.


The Perfect Bridge Between Video Technologies

Extensible License Options

The Chameleon’s license options enable flexible configuration for inputs and outputs, with options for FEC, multiplexing, encryption, and decryption.

Navigate a User-Friendly UI

Easily configure and manage the Chameleon from any device with user-friendly web UI.  Remote control via web interface, SNMP monitoring and control. 

Experience Professional Support

With our quality development and strong technical support, you can relax and enjoy reliable operation.

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WISI powers complete IPTV Solution for Erbil Rotana Hotel

Modernize Your Hospitality Video Network

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