HFC Manager+ App

HFC Manager+
available for iOS

Easily manage your device configurations and get access to several configuration options of your WISI device.


WISI’s HFC Manager is a comfortable tool to configure and manage your device configurations with your smartphone or tablet via the built-in Bluetooth chipset.

All known configuration parameters are available by the app to provide a more flexible way to rollout WISI HFC (Hybrid Fiber Coax) devices into your networks. Set your attenuation, ALC, slope values and many more easily with the intuitive user interface.

The app will store your device configurations which can then be managed locally or on a central appliance to apply the same configuration to other devices as well.


The following stores are supported:

Apple and Android

Further information and instructions can be found in the stores.

HFC Updater: This app can be used to update the HFC devices listed below (firmware update).

HFC Manager+: This app can be used to configure and customize the HFC devices below.



WISI employees behind this development.

Working at WISI for 10 years.

Niko Kitzberger

Team leader software development

Area of responsibility

Project support, development from hardware close software development (embedded) to user interface (UI+App) in different projects.

Supervision for students (internship/bachelor/master thesis) at the company WISI and responsible for the software development in Niefern

Working at WISI for about 9 years.

Michael Wottschel


Area of responsibility

Development of cross-platform mobile apps. 

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