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Technology consulting & design

Our long-standing experience makes us experts on planning and designing individual network concepts. In accordance with your requirements, we create concepts for your transmission network. Our designs are optimised in terms of cost, availability and sustainability. We take into account the latest available technologies and proven concepts to maximise the efficiency of your network.


Product & technology training

We offer a wide variety of product and technology training to prepare you for the current and future development in the field of TV reception and distribution. The courses provide knowledge in a compacted form and make the expert fit for coming challenges. Traditionally, our courses are a well-balanced mix of theory and practice which actively includes all participants.

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Operation & maintenance support

As experts on transmission networks, we assist you with the operation and maintenance of your network. We offer you services including routine maintenance of the network components, upgrade of equipment to realisation of software updates, and even pro-active supervision of the network. Contact us for an individual estimation.


Installation & commissioning

We assist you with the installation of your transmission network so that you can focus on your core competence. Our offer contains a variety of different services on all network levels. We offer everything from retrofitting of house installations, implementation of optical fiber access and distribution networks to installation and furnishing of TV headends from a single source.

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