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Broadcasting companies and OTT platform operators are facing new challenges. Customers request TV and other media content on different devices, in different locations and in different formats – from the big TV screen to the mobile smart phone. Regardless of whether the content is received through antenna from satellite, terrestrial, cable or from IP networks, WISI’s products and solutions guarantee that it is available on your customers’ screens at the highest quality. However, different technical components need to be managed efficiently in order to create the best customer experience of streaming video content. As there are challenges in integrating components into a complete system, WISI offers scalable and cost-efficient products for your multiscreen and OTT requirements, designed to work together in an end-to-end solution.

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Expanding Broadcast TV with Live OTT

Traditional cable operators and broadcasters are challenged by the multitude of OTT services that by definition bypass the operator and create revenues elsewhere. WISI offers solutions for all operators that are cost-effective and tailored to work together with our digital headends. This allows operators to create their own OTT packages, especially live streaming services that let customers view content on any device, through either the cable network or over various broadband connections.

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The flexibility of WISI’s OTT solutions, from the headend and transcoders to the origin server and packager, makes the deployment rate easily manageable. This is because CAPEX can be spread over time, just as the number of subscribers and the number of services can be expanded at any time. OTT has never been easier. Do you want to explore how content provisioning over the Internet can be the new opportunity your company has been waiting for? Get in touch with us at WISI today!


Statement by WISI Expert

"Besides the technical ingredients for an OTT and
Multiscreen platform, WISI also offers the expertise to realise your Multiscreen/OTT project successfully.
Our experts know your challenges as well as the challenges of your customers.“

Jörg Mergenthaler
Former Product Manager
WISI Communications

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