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Navigate Evolving Video Delivery Technologies for the Transition of TV Services

October 4th, 2023 - 10 am PT | 1 pm ET


The Leaders of Edge Video Delivery

Operators can upgrade their video network to modern video delivery, while still maintaining existing infrastructure at edge sites.

Gain flexibility by bridging new technology to legacy – convert video streams to any format at the edge, per use-case. No matter how your existing network is set-up, WISI products are able to seamlessly integrate and provide carrier-grade video delivery.


WISI Launches Blueline Edge Series

An IP to 12x QAM solution for low-density hospitality applications. The Blueline Edge Series was created for smaller networks and low-density applications, to connect between analog to digital or RF to IP environments.

  • Excellent price per QAM channel
  • Less than 20 W power consumption
  • Includes static channel list with optional software license

Powering 2500+ of the World’s Video Operators


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Use OTT Streams to Serve Edge Video Networks

Professional ABR Receiver

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Nearly 100 Years of Innovation

At WISI, we have been consistently innovating the most reliable telecommunications technology for almost 100 years.

We specialize in end-to-end video delivery to help you deliver beautiful, uninterrupted video 24/7. Together with WISI, you can provide your subscribers with a great TV experience on any device, wherever they are.

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