Inca IP Video Platform

Live Linear and ABR Solution

Best suited for high-density deployments, WISI’s modular platform bridges the gap between legacy equipment and new video technologies, including next-gen HEVC and ABR transcode applications. 

  • Enable efficient video distribution - transcode between MPEG-2/MPEG-4/HEVC
  • Receive local broadcasts and deliver over linear and ABR
  • Launch new live OTT services and eliminate set-top boxes 
  • Deliver IPTV services to networks where multicast delivery is not possible

WISI has announced the release of Widevine support for their ABR Receiver. With this new feature, operators can receive ABR streams and bulk decrypt Widevine before outputting IP multicast, QAM, or Analog. It enables video operators who use Widevine for their ABR service to upgrade their video network to IP-based delivery and free up bandwidth for the delivery of broadband or data services. 


Utilize a Carrier-Grade Platform

  • Increase visibility with VidiOS™ - includes video thumbnails, stream downloads and integrated analytics
  • Save big on power costs for high-density deployments - less than 200 W per chassis
  • Profit from using a modular platform - upgrade functionality at any time 

Award-Winning Management

VidiOS™ Stream Analysis

Includes powerful VidiOS™ management and troubleshooting tools with inbound and outbound video thumbnails, stream download, extensive statistical analysis, and end-to-end process logging.

Troubleshooting & Monitoring

Troubleshoot video streams by tracing impairments through the network with easy click-through system management interfaces using the VidiOS™ video monitoring software.

Easy Configuration

Simply enter the multicast address and VidiOS™ functions automatically begin. Visibility to all stream activity is available on the user interface.

Pair with Full Headend Visual Monitoring

Enable full headend visibility with the All Seeing Eye (ASE) monitoring system. The ASE provides operators with an interactive mosaic view of all video streams in a headend.


Best-in-Class Features

Video Network Future-Proofing

WISI supports the reception of ATSC 1.0 (8VSB) and ATSC 3.0 source signals — empowering video operators to future-proof their networks, enhance services, and maintain a competitive edge in the evolving landscape of over-the-air TV.

Learn more about WISI's ATSC 3.0 solution 

Auto Failover and Intelligent Stream Redundancy

Protect video streams with N+1 chassis redundancy, 1+1 redundancy, or customized failover options.  The Inca Platform allows operators to prioritize stream importance and reduce potential revenue impact. 

Next-Gen, High-Density Transcoding

With the new HXC-200 module, operators can now transcode between MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC, or to/from the newer HEVC codec, enabling even better compression than was previously possible.


Enjoy Peace-of-Mind

Save Rack Space, Power, and Cooling Costs

Consolidate multiple functions and replace racks of legacy, end-of-life, or end-of-support headend equipment with one sophisticated platform. Profit from using a modular platform – upgrade functionality at any time 

Deploy Highly Reliable Services

Utilize source, module, and power redundancy options.

Experience Professional Support

Rest easy with reliable 24/7 operation thanks to quality WISI engineering and strong North American technical support.

High-Density IP Processing for Linear or ABR Applications


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Cable Bahamas

“The results are increased stability of our IP video network, with better use and efficiency on our DOCSIS spectrum. We have more than tripled our speeds as they were before….our troubleshooting time has been greatly reduced. We can now keep our team focused and more efficient regarding solving issues and trying to increase profitability and reduce expenses. So, we’ve cut our operating expenses across the board.”

- Andre Johnson
Broadcast IP Video Engineer, Cable Bahamas (DBA Rev)

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