Hospitality and Edge Solution

Tangram Video Platform

Best suited for edge network deployments, this flexible platform allows operators to customize module configuration per application and perform various functions within 1RU.

  • Feed hospitality networks and extend the life-span of in-room equipment
  • Integrate into existing infrastructure by replacing costly equipment 
  • Add additional value to video line up - insert specialized, local content
  • Connect directly with broadcasters or maintain secure point-to-point signals

"It’s important for us not to always be on the cutting edge, but to work with vendors who can provide all the carriergrade features we were looking for. WISI provides a great video solution, that is streamlined and intuitive to implement. The process has been very smooth, with great support provided throughout the entire experience."

- Ehren Hawks, Supervisor of Network Operations for Easton Utilities

WISI Tangram – High density video platform

High-Density Video Processing for Edge Applications

  • Save on rack space, power, and cooling costs for high-density deployments 
  • Combine modules in a 1RU chassis to meet specific application needs
  • Bridge between digital and RF - migrate to IP distribution and connect to existing edge networks

Protect Video Streams

Protect streams for hospitality applications with Pro:Idiom, BISS, Samsung LYNK encryption, or Verimatrix bulk decryption. Enjoy peace-of-mind with source, module, and power redundancy options.

Navigate a User-Friendly UI

Configure with an easy-to-use web-based user interface. Remote control via web interface, SNMP monitoring and control.

Pair with Full Headend Visual Monitoring

Enable full headend visibility with the All Seeing Eye (ASE) monitoring system. The ASE provides operators with an interactive mosaic view of all video streams in a headend.


Deploy Highly Reliable Services

Enjoy peace-of-mind with source, module, and power redundancy options.

Save Big

Consolidate multiple functions and replace racks of legacy end-of-life or end-of-support headend equipment with one sophisticated platform.

Utilize a Modular Solution

Up to 6 modules can be used in a single Tangram chassis. One module type can be installed exclusively or in combination with other modules to support different applications.

The Ultimate Solution for High-Density Video Processing


Upgrade Hospitality Services

Greenlight of North Carolina

Replace aging equipment with WISI and significantly reduce troubleshooting time

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