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Efficiently feed and distribute own HD content to coaxial networks

New HDMI Encoder Modulator OE 01 from WISI

Niefern-Öschelbronn, May 5, 2020 --- With the new HDMI Encoder Modulator OE 01, WISI offers cable network operators and channel conditioners a cost-effective way to expand and enhance their existing TV programming with proprietary HD video content from external signal sources. The compact OE 01 for HD video & audio encoding modulates an HDMI signal into an RF signal compatible for distribution over coaxial cable. The HDMI signals fed in are thereby compressed into MPEG4 and can be received and played back by all TV sets with MPEG4-compatible receivers connected to the distribution network. With the new encoder modulator, WISI is particularly addressing operators of BK distribution structures in hotels, hospitals, leisure facilities, senior centers and residential homes.OE 01 has an HDMI input for connecting external signal sources such as PCs, notebooks, cameras as well as DVD players and supports HD resolutions up to 1080p60. The operator can provide his existing DVB-C/T TV signals and the fed HDMI video signals simultaneously in his network without external combiner, because both signal paths are conveniently realized via the loop-through input of the OE 01. On the output side, the encoder modulator supports the conversion of the HDMI signals into all common terrestrial / cable signal modulations (DVB-C/T, ATSC-T/C and DTMB). These can be selected directly on the device without additional hardware or software. The output frequency up to 1218 MHz is freely adjustable. For the creation of a program sequence and smooth program search on the connected receivers, the OE 01 supports the LCN function and NIT editing. Further plus points are the very user-friendly programming and the easy mounting.

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