8VSB (ATSC 1.0) and ATSC 3.0 Receivers

Carrier-Grade ATSC 8VSB Headend Solutions

  • Receive and stream in IP, all major and minor channels from 8vsb broadcast sources
  • Professional options to replace end-of-life equipment while reducing rack space and power
  • Products available for low and high-density applications, with or without transcoding
  • Ensure reliability with power and video redundancy options

Optimize Your 8VSB to IP Headend Equipment

8VSB Reception and Transmission in 1RU

Reduce rack space in your headend – choose an all-in-one 8VSB modulation solution and save on space and power.

Carrier-Grade Solutions

Rapid configuration and deployment with user-friendly UI. Rest easy with reliable 24/7 operation thanks to high-quality engineering and strong North American technical support.

Intelligent Redundancy Options

Ensure broadcast channel reliability with source, chassis or module redundancy features, including Inca’s Intelligent Redundancy options.

Future Proofed for ATSC 3.0

Experience an extended product lifecycle for 8VSB to IP with a smooth migration path to ATSC 3.0.

 All Seeing Eye Integration

Enjoy full headend visibility and mosaic overview with the All Seeing Eye integration – compatible with Inca, Tangram, and Chameleon platforms.


Future-Proof Your Video Network

ATSC 3.0 Receiver Module

  • Receive ATSC 1.0 (8VSB), clearQAM or ATSC 3.0 signals and output IP transport stream to feed existing networks
  • Compatible with the Inca IP Video Platform and existing chassis
  • Each VMA-AT3 module includes 4x RF receivers, with support for up to 4 PLPs per receiver
  • ATSC 3.0 channel bonding support for future applications, such as 8K video

Modernize Your Hospitality Video Delivery

Versatile Receiver for Low-Density Projects

Chameleon Processor for Broadcast Feed Reception

  • Receive up to 2x 8VSB/ATSC, 2x QAM, 2x ASI and/or 32x IP inputs
  • Output Analog, SDI, QAM, ASI or IP with the option for RTP + FEC
  • Flexible video processor that handles multiple formats simultaneously
  • Redundant power and video redundancy options
  • Video and audio decoder for HD and SD content
Carrier-Grade Receiver with Optional Transcoding

Inca IP Video Platform with 8VSB Receiver Module

  • From 4 to 16 8VSB/QAM tuners per chassis for increased flexibility
  • Demux and PID remap capabilities for IP inputs
  • Automatic service failover between studio direct and OTA feeds
  • 8VSB modulation with optional transcoding and downscale between MPEG-2 & MPEG-4
  • Carrier-grade management, video thumbnails and stream downloads with VidiOS™ monitoring tool

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Don’t Get Left Behind –How to Modernize Your Hospitality Video Delivery

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