ASI to IP and IP to ASI

Carrier-Grade ASI Product Options

  • Receive ASI signals from legacy sources and convert to IP, or output ASI from IP
  • Professional options to replace end-of-life equipment while reducing rack space and power
  • Rapid deployment with simple configuration via intuitive web-based user-interface
  • Products available for low and high-density applications, with or without transcoding

Optimize Your ASI to IP or IP to ASI Equipment

Modular ASI Solutions in 1RU

Combine ASI with options for encryption, decryption, transcoding, mux/demux, ASI to IP to QAM/Analog, and more. Mix and match modules to address different applications in just 1RU.

Carrier-Grade Quality

Carrier-grade features include strip null padding, jitter correction, PID & program remap & filter.

Intelligent Redundancy Options

High-reliability with power, chassis, module and stream redundancy options. Hot-swappable modules and fans. AC and DC power options.

Experienced, Professional Support

Rest easy with reliable 24/7 operation thanks to high-quality engineering and strong North American technical support.

 All Seeing Eye Integration

Enjoy full headend visibility and mosaic overview with the All Seeing Eye integration – compatible with Inca, Tangram, and Chameleon platforms.


Modernize Your Hospitality Video Delivery

Carrier-grade ASI receiver with optional transcoding.

Inca IP Video Platform with ASI Receiver Module

  • 6 port ASI modules – Up to 18x ASI ports per 1RU chassis
  • ASI receiver with optional transcoding & downscale between MPEG-2 & MPEG-4
  • Great fit for headend applications – all streams monitored as soon as they enter the headend via ASI
  • Carrier-grade management, video thumbnails and stream downloads with VidiOS™ monitoring tool
  • Use UI remotely to save the time & expense of traveling to a remote site
High-density, modular solution for gateway & edge applications

Tangram GT32 for ASI to IP or IP to ASI

  • 4 port ASI modules – 24x ASI ports in 1RU power-efficient chassis
  • Receive ASI signals from legacy sources & convert to IP, or output ASI from IP
  • Demux & remux MPEG-2/MPEG-4/HEVC multi-program streams from ASI sources
  • Pair with other Tangram modules for encryption, output to QAM & more
  • Hot-swappable modules, fans & power supplies – AC & DC power options available
Versatile 8VSB, QAM, ASI and/or IP receiver for low-density projects

Chameleon ASI for Broadcast Feeds

  • 2x ASI inputs/outputs per module – 2x modules can be installed in a 1RU chassis
  • Ideal solution for low-density applications such as directly connecting to broadcasters
  • Output Analog, SDI, QAM, 8VSB or IP with the option for RTP + FEC
  • Flexible video processor handles multiple formats simultaneously
  • Redundant power & video redundancy options
  • Video & audio decoder for HD & SD content

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Don’t Get Left Behind –How to Modernize Your Hospitality Video Delivery

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