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Learn to Upgrade Hospitality Networks


TV is essential entertainment among hospitality customers. Hospitality operators need vendors who can provide the right solutions to meet the video needs of technology-savvy customers while providing industry-standard content protection. WISI’s solutions offer a cost-efficient way to bring a high-quality video experience to customers while simplifying video delivery management.

In this solution page, you will learn:

  • Why upgrade hospitality video services?
  • How it works
  • How can WISI help you?
  • Why deploy with WISI products?

Why Upgrade Hospitality Video Services?

Challenges with Current Networks

Benefits of Upgrading Video Services
  • Risk of service failure - CableCARD equipment is end-of-life or end-of-support
  • Upgrades blocked by legacy equipment – high cost to replace existing MPEG-2 and Dolby set-top boxes
  • Limited options for replacement gear – costly and proprietary encryption keep operators locked into legacy equipment
  • Complex network to maintain – typical RF over fiber solutions require more equipment in workflow
  • Inefficient, duplicated efforts – operators often run parallel networks for residential and hospitality customers


  • Experience reliable and secure video delivery – cost-effective encryption and transport from headend to hospitality sites
  • Gain flexibility by bridging new to legacy technology – convert video streams to any format at the edge, per use-case
  • Reduce costs – replace proprietary encryption with industry-standard protection options
  • Save rack space and power – replace multi-chassis systems with power-efficient, modular 1RU platforms
  • Deliver multiple formats simultaneously – output IP, Analog or QAM from the same chassis



How it Works

WISI’s headend and edge video platforms enable operators to serve all types of hospitality networks such as hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, educational institutions, and entertainment venues. No matter how your existing network is set-up, WISI products are able to seamlessly integrate and provide carrier-grade video delivery.

Some of our common deployments include:

  • IP to Analog or ClearQAM – receive MPEG-4 and output analog or transcode to MPEG-2 and output QAM
  • IP to IP and/or IP to QAM with Pro:Idiom encryption – deliver to hospitality sites that use Pro:Idiom encryption
  • IP direct from headend – replace CableCARD with our bulk encryption solutions over IP that maintain content requirements for secure transport. Then bulk-decrypt at the edge for stadiums, arenas, or any venue where in-the-clear video is required.
  • IP Demarcation – receive IP video at the edge and tailor feed to the customer’s unique IP requirements.
  • MPEG-2/MPEG-4 to multiscreen – transcode streams to multi-bitrate profiles and stream HLS live content

Modernize Your Hospitality Video Delivery


Why Choose WISI for Your Hospitality Project?

  • Save money – reduce operational costs on rack space and power
  • Extend the life-span of your legacy infrastructure – avoid replacing expensive network and in-room equipment
  • Work with DVEP-certified professionals to customize and implement a solution based on your network’s needs
  • Reliable 24/7 operation thanks to quality WISI engineering and strong North American technical support
  • Modular, flexible equipment – easy upgrade, change as needs grow

Introducing the Blueline Edge Series

IP to QAM for Low-Density Hospitality Applications


  • Less than 20 W power consumption
  • 1RU chassis optimized for B2B
  • Excellent price per QAM channel

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Don’t Get Left Behind –How to Modernize Your Hospitality Video Delivery

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