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Local ABR Channel Insertion


WISI, a world leader of edge video delivery, is proud to offer flexible, carrier-grade solutions for Local ABR Channel Insertion, ready to deploy at edge sites.

In this solution page, you will learn:

  • The benefits of local ABR channel insertion
  • What is local ABR channel insertion?
  • A solution example

The Benefits of Local ABR Channel Insertion

When delivering PayTV services to B2B and hospitality networks, video operators include support for local content such as informational services and security camera feeds. As operators convert TV deployments at edge sites, support for local channels must continue. WISI’s new Local ABR Channel Insertion solution is ready to deploy at edge sites.

The benefits:

  • Save bandwidth by packaging to MPEG-DASH or HLS on-premise and simplify operational troubleshooting. Avoid carting streams to a central location for processing
  • Gain operational efficiencies by deploying a modular, power-efficient chassis
  • Continue to include localized content in hospitality line-ups when migrating to ABR
  • Experience strong support and technical guidance when migrating from linear to multiscreen delivery


What is Local ABR Channel Insertion?

Video operators provide PayTV services to residential networks and business accounts such as hospitality and MDU sites. Often these business customers also need to add local programming to linear QAM or multiscreen services, including:

  • Live feeds from lobby or security cameras
  • Informational content that showcases local services, special announcements, etc.

To add local channels to a TV line-up at a hospitality site, TV operators need a solution that ingests IP, HDMI or SDI and outputs HLS or MPEG-DASH.

For edge sites that deliver linear TV services, content can be output as QAM, analog or IP.


The WISI Pay-TV Industry Report


Why Choose WISI?

  • Work with a world pioneer in video distribution and edge video processing
  • Reduce operational costs by deploying a modular platform with integrated monitoring and analytics
  • Experience centralized confidence monitoring with a visual mosaic of all remote sites
  • Reliable 24/7 operation thanks to quality engineering and strong North American technical support

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WISI Launches Local ABR Channel Insertion for Edge Deployments

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