The Faces of WISI

WISI anniversary celebrations 2020 and 2021

Loyalty and high identification
with the company!

On 16 September, in the presence of Mayor Birgit Förster, our WISI jubilarians for the years 2020 and 2021 were honoured.
Angelo La Carruba, who joined WISI as an electrician on 21 September 1971 and will retire on 31 September 2021, can look back on 50 years of service. Andreas Mantsch, Bernd Vetter, Hartmut Wolff, Uschi Weissert-Lirsch,
Rainer Danke, Florian Schröck, Stephan Hieber, Sabine Hassmann and Sigrun Heibel were honoured for 40 years of service. Elvan Doganay, Manuela Bauerfeld, Konstantina Pontiki, Figen Ulupinar, Hermann Wallner, Senay Ugur, Ayfer Genckal and Sehzade Yildiz have been with WISI for 25 years.


Nadine Winkler

From a very early age, Nadine Winkler was interested in technology. So, naturally, she decided to attend a technical vocational college and then go on to metalworking school. The car enthusiast found her way to WISI via the Pforzheim Recruiting Days. In 2015, she began her apprenticeship as a technical product designer. Since February 2019, she has been adding her creative ideas as a valuable part of the design team at WISI Automotive.

If you ask her how things are working out with her predominantly male colleagues, she grins and gives a thumbs up.


Melanie Roller

Today we would like to introduce you to the queen of our payroll department, Ms. Roller. She still remembers vividly the day she started her training as an industrial clerk on September 1, 1993. For many years now, she has been working in the HR department, where she is responsible for the entire payroll accounting process, including all preparatory and follow-up work.


Robin Knothe

Career at WISI: The company logo on his satellite receiver triggered the application to WISI. Years on, after a successfully completed apprenticeship, Robin Knothe currently works as a financial accountant. A few years ago, he earned his degree in business administration with part -time courses.


Evelyn Wottschel

Evelyn-Magdalena Wottschel started her apprenticeship as an industrial clerk in 2017. Having successfully completed her training, she supported the HR department. The birth of her daughter this March sounded the bell for a new phase of her life, and she is currently on parental leave.


Aylin Neumann

Aylin Neumann has been a valuable member of the WISI team for many years.

"I already did my training here. Today, I work part-time as a sales assistant and thanks to flexible working hours, I can reconcile family and career."


Ali Ghosein

Ali Ghosein was born in Lebanon, brought up in Germany, and has now settled in Dubai. He graduated as Telecommunication Engineer from the prestigious KIT University in Karlsruhe, Germany. Growing up multilingually, he is at home with Arabic, German and English and an accomplished French speaker. As a dedicated General Manager for WISI Middle East FZE in Dubai since 2017, he is serving technical and sales support for the WISI customers in the Middle East and North African regions.


Sabine Lindauer

We say goodbye to our colleague Sabine Lindauer, who has been with the company for 43 years. At the age of 18, she started her apprenticeship as an office clerk at WISI. Afterwards Ms. Lindauer worked as a secretary to the senior technical manager until she took a break to raise her two children. Upon her return she took over a task within the materials management for a time to then move on to the domestic sales support team where she worked until her farewell last week. Now the time has come to fully devote herself to her many hobbies. Ms. Lindauer is a passionate dancer and gardener, and does voluntary work in various areas.


Frank Sihn

As one of the worldwide pioneers of radio and television technology, he has expanded his father’s company into a globally active high-tech enterprise. Today, WISI Communications’ smart, powerful and scalable transmission technology plays a key role in the development of high-speed networks for fast internet far beyond Germany. His signature qualities include a down-to-earth outlook on life and entrepreneurial foresight and has always remained true to his homeland. In his spare time, he is passionately devoted to hunting and fishing. Further cherished leisure activities of his include travelling, good cuisine and wine.

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